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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    LifeTech P-125 Aquarium Pump

    My intention was to purchase the Sonic P-125 and use it like an airbrush compressor.
    I called up Keong Seong Fish Shop(Blk 22 Havelock Road)(Tel:62729384) and inquired about the availablity of the Sonic pump.
    The lady boss said that they have the last one in the shop.
    So I decided to meet up with mybearbrick after work to go check it out(i.e. buy it!!!).

    The shop front.

    (pic courtesy of mybearbrick)

    It's a small shop and even they are using the Sonic P-125 to supply air to their multiple large tanks.

    (pic courtesy of mybearbrick)

    There it is.
    Sonic P-125 (125L/min, 0.04MPa)

    (pic courtesy of mybearbrick)

    This is where I felt a bit PWNDed.
    I asked the lady boss to show me the Sonic P-125.
    She pointed to the top of one of her shelves and what i saw was not Sonic but another brand, LifeTech P-125.
    She assured me that it's made by the same company that made Sonic P-125.
    I took a chance and believed her since I came all the way down to buy my 'compressor' and I won't wanna go home empty-handed.

    Here it is.
    The clone in its shabby little box.
    But it weighs a TON!!!

    (pic courtesy of mybearbrick)

    She quoted us a price of $180 for the pump.
    When mybearbrick asked for a discount, she typed on her calculator a bit and came up with $160.
    I saw a stainless steel 4-way splitter and decided to get it too.
    The price tag reads $7.20 but we bargained it down to $5.
    I then asked if she has soft rubber tubings(to be used as the hose for my airbrush).
    She gave 2 metres of it to me as a freebie. LOL

    Total damage: S$165

    The LifeTech P-125 (125L/min, 0.04MPa).

    The air pump and its accessories.

    The specs.

    Close up on the accessories.

    The stainless steel 4-way splitter.
    Maybe I should recommend this splitter to Nakamoto, it'll be easier for him than to custom build it outta PVC pipes and steel taps.

    Since the splitter doesn't fit tightly into the black hose, I bought a hose tightener to secure it to the black hose.

    The Complete Rig.

    Usage Notes
    Out of the 4-way splitter, 1 will be used for the airbrush, leaving 3 to be used to regulate the pressure in the airbrush.

    I'll be trying out 3 types of lacquer paints:
    gloss black, metallic blue and mr base white(primer).

    Ok lah, as you'll see from the following pix, my hands are not very steady bcos I lugged the heavy pump home yesterday.
    Even my squiggly lines are squiggly themselves. LOL

    Gloss Black

    It looks abit grey but it's black, I never PS the pic so as to preserve the original details of the spray and not exaggerate it.
    To apply normal lacquer paints, close 1 tap and leave 2 taps open.

    Metallic Blue.

    To apply metallic lacquer paints, close 2 taps and leave 1 tap open.

    Mr Base White on a part.

    To apply primer, close 2 taps and leave 1 tap open.

    It also depends on the consistency of your paints and the quality of your airbrush.
    For metallics and primer, you'll have to thin them more but you wouldn't want them to become too thin and runny when you applied it onto your model kits.
    So it takes a bit of getting used to and experimenting to use this airbrush+compressor set up.


    posted by Laurens @ 11:49 PM [6]comments


    At 4:28 PM , Blogger WILLIAM said...

    a very comprehensive documententation.
    look forward to more test results from the pump.

    At 12:00 AM , Blogger Laurens said...

    how abt a blower fan for my brudder?

    At 11:01 AM , Blogger PhotoCrazy said...

    Glad you posted this topic of your 'compressor'. As I was looking at alternative. I got one for myself but not this big. A small one for testing.. and it works.

    At 9:52 PM , Blogger FunkayMunkay said...

    Hi there, I was wondering do you need to shut down your compressor after some period of usage? For example 15 mins?

    At 10:08 AM , Blogger Laurens said...

    hi munkay,
    the fish pump original intended use is for fish tank rite?
    hence i believe it should have no prob being left On for 24hrs(not that u'd be using it for that long) :)

    At 4:06 PM , Blogger killzone said...

    are you going to use a water trap , or have you had any issues regarding mositure


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